Direct and indirect exp. plants

The plants realized by ORTIZ s.r.l. can be classified in 1. Direct expansion plants; 2. indirect expansion plants with the use of secondary refrigerants such us: a) mixture of water and inhibited glycol; b) Hycool;

The above plants are made of: 1. Industrial compressors alternative type or screw, selected according to the proper cooling capacity with reduced energy consumption; 2. Industrial condensers air cooled or water cooled, new type, with high performance ratio, and properly dimensioned for the control of the condensing also in the period with critical ambient temperatures; 3. Desuperheaters for the recovery of the condensing partila heat, that can be used for the defrost. This allows a relevant saving in terms of electrical energy and in terms of management costs; 4. Hydraulic pumps single stage normalized; 5. Refrigerant without CFC, as required by the actual norms; 6. Electrical panels designed and realized according to the actual norms and tested in the factory;


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