Roots Dry Vacuum Pump System

Size SDS-501 SDS-501M SDP-101M
Pumping speed 133L/s 480m3/h 100m3/h
Limit pressure 1.5×10-3Torr
Power Supply 3-PH380/220V 50Hz
Motor Power 3KW 1.5KW
Rounding speed 2850rpm
Ambient temperature 5~40°C
The Maximum inlet pressure
when working continuly
1000Pa 10mbar 10mbar
The biggest noise <74dB <74dB <70dB
Inlet flange connection DN 100ISO-K DN 100ISO-KF
Connect the exhaust flange KF40 DN40
Appearance size 795mmx238mm x665mm 867mmx442mm x885mm 867mmx442mm x530mm
Weight 360 kg 380 kg 255 kg

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