New frontier

New frontier for Ortiz srl: the must' refrigeration

A new frontier is coming for Ortiz srl: the must' refrigeration. Indeed just recently Ortiz has realized in the site of one of the most important wine industries from Apulia region, a modern refrigeration plant for the must’ refrigeration.

The increase in the use of refrigerant plants for the refrigeration of the must and for the production of the wine, is strictly connected to the demand of "fresh" wine from the market. This wine has to be put in to the market immediately after the fermentation process. For this kind of wine it is required the cooled fermentation or generally speaking, a controlled refrigeration in the whole production process of the wine.

Ortiz srl, thanks to its long term experience in the refrigeration market, can enter in to this new market, with particular plants characterized by the same technical features, quality, reliability, of the traditional Ortiz plants. In this way Ortiz srl confirms once more, to be a protagonist among the main players of the refrigeration market.

Important reference for Ortiz srl in the fruit and vegetables market

Ortiz srl confirms its important role as one of the main players in the market of the Industrial Refrigeration, thanks to its significant references in the fruit and vegetables world. Indeed Ortiz srl has realized one of its most important plants, in terms of Cold Stores and Hydrocooler in the site of Giuliano srl. Giuliano srl is one of the most important customers for Ortiz srl, and it is one of the most innovative companies in Italy as well, as mentioned in the "Corriere Ortofrutticolo" here atteched. The company is selling its products all over the world and it is located in Rutigliano (BA). Giuliano srl is specialized in many kind of products: artichokes, figs, strawberry, peaches, apricots, grapes and cherries. The cherries in particular represent an important part of the italian production of fruit and vegetables. In all 2008 the italian production of cherries is around 140.000 tons, on a total surface area of 30.000 hectares. And Apulia region is the leader in the cherries' production with 17.500 hectares dedicated to cherries (on average the 56% of the total national surface area).