The Vacuumcooler is a machine purposely designed for the fast vacuum cooling of the large leaf vegetables in general. The operation principle is based on the evaporation of a small percentage of the water of the product, around the 2% of it, because of the big pressure drop. Due to this phenomenon, you have a fast cooling of the product, starting from its heart; then because of the deep vacuum, 2 mBar as final vacuum, all the micro organism on the product die because of the total absence of air. The Vacuumcooler is a machine able to preserve for long terms periods all the treated products. It is giving a lot of advantages on the products, because it stops the fermentation and it is killing all kind of micro organisms, that otherwise would produce the oxidation of the product, such us when the leafs are becoming yellow.

The machine is made of: · a steel tank, of deep thickness, with external supports that are avoiding the risk of implosion of the tank itself because of the pressure drop; · system of automatic product handling of the external charts for the load and unload of the product (in the pallets); · pump kit made of dedicated vacuum pumps, double stage; · Temperature probe positioned in the heart of the product (inside the machine). The unit has not any constructive standard, because Ortiz srl is evaluating and studying time by time the dedicated and customized solution, both on the handling side and on the working side, according to the specific customer's needs.