The Hydrocooler made by Ortiz S.r.l. is able to realize the hydrorefrigeration of the product by putting it into contact with a cooled water flow. The system allows a very fast cooling of fruits and vegetables such us: cherries, apricots, plums, peaches, kiwis, asparagus, cauliflower, fennel, cucumber, etc... The range of Hydrocooler with or without handling, allows the cooling of the products conserved in boxes (single or double), bins or pallets. The dynamic Hydrocooler (with handling of the product) needs the use of a conveyor belt, of a chain or a cart. The static Hrdrocooler (with the fixed product) is made of a single or double curtain with automatic control depending on the operation cycle. The operation time depends on the product and on the type of machine that we are going to use. The Hydrocooler plant is mainly made of: · Cooling tunnel; · Insulated storage tank; · Heat exchanger refrigerant/water or glycol/water; · Water plant with lifting pumps and drip tray for the sorting of the cooled water; · Self cleaning filter for the process water; · Control and regulation of the handling or of the cycle; · UV lamps (ultraviolet) for the elimination of the bacteria.

MAIN COMPONENTS - Tunnel: The cooling tunnel has got a parallelepiped shape with a frame realized with stainless steel tubular bars. It is covered with plexigas sheet or stainless steel sheet. Insulated storage tank: The storage tank positioned under the tunnel is inserted in the frame and it is connected to a system of filtration and recycle of the water. Handling: The product’s handling (if present), is realized through a conveyor belt made of high resistance plastic material, or with a chain, that is running over the storage tank on proper supports (made of teflon). Water Plant: It is made of piping system, valves, and pumps for lifting the water from the storage tank to the trip tray. Primary Pumps and Filtration System: The water contained in the storage tank is continuously recycled by the primary pump and by a high efficiency self cleaning filtration system that is avoiding blockages due to any residual element in the system. Control and Regulation: The machine is supplied with an effective automatic control system of the conveyor belt’s speed (where it is present) or of the whole cycle, based on the features of the product, on the ambient temperature, and on the parameters that are influencing the final temperature of the product. Heat Exchanger: The water content of the storage tank needs to be refrigerated and for this purpose it is installed also a plate heat exchanger (compact type) that is exchanging the energy coming from the engine room with the water of the storage tank (water-glycol mixture or refrigerant for direct expansion).