Fast freezing of food liquid

The patent

The fast freezing of the food liquid is the process able to freeze the products to the heart in a very short time. The used method is a Patented Solution by Ortiz srl. It is similar to the I.Q.F. method and it allows to produce slices of frozen liquid, properly sub cooled in order to avoid that they can get pasted one to the other. Each of these slices, faces a delta T, from +5°C to –25°C. This process is allowing the total conservation of the food characteristics and the inhibition of the bacteria.
This in order to have a durable and natural conservation, without the use of additives that can compromise the goodness and quality of the fresh product.
The long term conservation can be realized in normal cold stores. Then the load of the product and the defrost can be realized, when needed, in small quantities (even for house applications).

The tests

In cooperation with our best customers, we have realized some laboratory tests on well defined samples of citrus and fruits. The tests have been made to check and supervise all the food parameters (smell, taste, etc...), together with chemical, physical and microbiological parameters of the different products (fresh product), before the fast freezing and immediately after the treatment. Afterwards, there have been realized new controls every three months on the same samples that were kept refrigerated at around -20°C.
As a conclusion of the a. m. tests, it has not been found any changes in the products, in terms of food parameters (smell, taste, chemical physical microbiological parameters, etc...). The product has been found homogeneous, so no analytical differences or changes in its basic structure.
As a difference from the freezing in drums in the cold stores (LT - Low Temperature), this patented system allows to the whole product to keep all the characteristics of the fresh and natural product. Indeed in addition to the above tests, also private tests from independent laboratories have been made. In particular the same a.m. tests have been made by Rocchi Prelevatori Laboratories s.n.c. on the buffalo fresh milk. After four months processing and freezing of the milk, all analysis realized on the product, showed that the chemical, physical and microbiological parameter on the milk where still the same. This means that after the defrost of the product, it could still be considered as fresh.

Possibile Applications: Citrus and fruits

The machine is very flexible because it can be easily adapted to the commercial standard. It means that you have the possibility to use refrigerant fluids and material that can be easily found in the market. The machine is made of stainless steel, AISI 316, that is giving many advantages: hardiness, strength, resistance to the mechanical solicitations, and the preservation of the food. The design has been studied in all the details, and the target is to simplify all kind of maintenance or service for the lifetime of the unit.
A wide range of machines, in continuous development, is matching and satisfying all kind of customer’s needs, by offering a wide production capacity, from 1200 kg/24h to 20000 kg/24h and over.
The cost of the energy consumption is around 0.10 € /kW/h. It is due to the ambient conditions, that are effecting the operation features of the refrigerant circuit.

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